I saw it. I saw my downfall. 

He was on the right side. The guy- the guy whom I shared my deepest thoughts with, the very first guy who made me do things I never thought I could do; the very first guy who taught me that love isn’t all rhymes and romances; that love is chilling in the middle, not floating in the extremes; the very first guy who told me to ‘relax, relax!,’  the very first guy who gave me a lot of sweet miseries-by  keeping  on breaking and breaking my heart without him knowing it because, he is  the very first guy who gave me so much to hold on to. 

And there she was, on the right side, that girl, that girl and from the very start, I knew it. I know that two years is 24 months and approximately 104 weeks and 700 days. I know that in 2 years, I can get it over with and go on and mend my life. I made friends with people I don’t really get with in the first place, I had small crushes with handsome boys sitting beside me on the jeep, beside my  computer stall in a computer shop, I have a never-ending admiration for David Archuleta, and Xian Lim. I can forget about it even in a year, and find that there are so many fishes in the sea. I have all the fishing tools, and the fishes swimming around the wide ocean are so fresh and bountiful and abundant. But I realized that he was not a fish after all, he was my guy, he was The Guy.

And that girl must take off her life, if she wouldn’t dare to stop breaking my heart. 

Or so I thought. 

The girl in the picture beside him, she has nothing to do with my broken heart. I think she’s outgoing, popular, beautiful , cute and from all the girls out there, most guys would choose her; especially if there are only two options, me and that girl: I admit defeat. I am the opposite of her. I am plain, simple, I have radical views about relationships and about society, I am disturbed and I am always overlooked. I have a low-profile. I prefer silence and poetry than i-phones and tetris battles. 

I saw their picture. And I promise to myself, that would be the final blow, and I am already gone.